MDP Business Advisory, M&A and Business Recovery Service

What is the difference?

Highly Qualified People and High Quality Work

  • MDP has a strong network of relationships with qualified specialists, most of whom have experience in large accounting firms or law firms, etc. It is common that the most talented and ambitious professionals may not stay in large organizations, but rather choose to become independent. MDP maintains close relationships with such independent professionals.
  • In line with the idea of "one stop shopping", MDP created a network of these specialists who share the same goals and values. As a result, difference of opinion among such specialists is relatively uncommon. MDP maintains quality control and offers professional guidance to these specialists.
  • As a result, we can offer our clients high quality services on a level which is basically the same as (or in many instances more sophisticated than) the large professional firms.

Reasonable Cost

  • Since MDP does not have to support a large, expensive infrastructure, its cost structure is relatively moderate compared to large consulting firms or investment banks. As a result, MDP can deliver its services more economically, in most cases at less than half the cost of large accounting firms, law firms, etc.

After Care

  • MDP cares about your business. Even after our assigned work is completed, MDP regularly reviews the result of its work and constantly seeks to enhance customer satisfaction.

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