MDP Business Advisory, M&A and Business Recovery Service

What is MDP?

MDP stands for Multi-Disciplinary Practice, meaning a practice in which specialists in different fields work together. We deal with projects and problems of our clients, and arrive at solutions by integrating the skills of specialists in different areas, with a common mission and shared values, thereby making "one stop shopping" possible for our clients.

MDP Business Advisory Co., Ltd. ("MDP") offers such services through its affiliations with various specialists: accountants, lawyers, business consultants, human resource specialists, environmental specialists and forensic service personnel, etc.

MDP was established as a successor to KPMG Legal Japan in 2003, when KPMG was forced to segregate its legal services group by the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002. MDP has continued to offer its services to clients since then, and provides qualified professional services at reasonable cost.

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