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Sample Publications by Yoshiki Uchida

Dealing with Sales Trouble and Compliance with Financial Instruments Exchange Law Vol. I-III (Editor in Chief, Kindai Sales Co. 2002-2014)

Japanese Banking Laws and Regulations; Compliance Examination Textbook for Regional Bankers Association (Editor in Chief, 2005-2012)

Tax Aspects of Japanese Bankruptcy Law (Tax Notes International, Aug. 2001)

Why Corporate Governance in Japanese Companies Does Not Work (Toyo Keizai, Oct. - Nov. 2002)

How to Eliminate Employee Misconduct (Kindai Sales, Aug. 2003)

How to Deal With Rumors (Credit Union, May 2004) 

Importance of Internal Control in Business Recovery (Legal Business, Jul. 2004)

Law for Protection of Privacy and Worldwide Tendency (TRI Angle, Aug. 2004)

Legal Strategy and Legal Risk Management (TRI Angle, Dec. 2004 - May 2005)

Bank Examination and Requested Customer Protection System (Financial Compliance, Oct. 2005)

How to Establish Internal Control in Financial Institutions from a Practical Point of View (Financial Legal Matters, May 2006)

Importance of Internal Control in Business Recovery (Turn Around Manager, Jul. 2006)

Recent Trend of Administrative Orders issued by FSA (Financial Legal Matters, May 2007)

Understanding 14 principles recently published by Japanese FSA (Financial Legal Matters, Aug. 2008)

Recent Regulatory Trend after the Financial Crisis (Financial Compliance, Apr. 2009)

Basic FSA Views of Financial Inspection and Administrative Orders (Financial Compliance, Aug.2009)

Regional Reritalization and Relationship Banking (Co-writer, Keizai Institute for Financial Affairs, Inc Dec. 2010)

Whistle Blower Rewarding System under Dodd-Frank Act (IBL, Jul - Aug. 2011)

Handbook American Business Law (Co-writer, Lexis Nexis, Jul. 2013)

Extra-terrial Application of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (IBL, Jul. 2013)

Impact of Conspiracy and Respondeat Superior theory on Japanese Corporation (IBL, Jun. 2014)

Sanction on Corporations under FCPA (IBL, Dec. 2014)

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