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Introduction of Person in Charge: Yoshiki Uchida

Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Law from Waseda University (majoring in conflict of laws and international transaction law). In 1979 joined The Bank of Tokyo Ltd. (the “Bank”). Received two Masters Degrees in Law from Georgetown University (LL.M), and George Washington University (MCL), under sponsorship of the Bank.
New York State Lawyer. Member of Japanese Association of Turnaround Professionals

Practical legal training at Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton in Washington, D.C. In addition to learning the basics of lobbying, introduced method of asset securitization to the Bank, etc. Participated in a merger project involving a major US bank. Proposed and had implemented basic idea of so-called “bad bank”, at that time a new method with respect to disposing of bad loans.

Returned to Japan after finishing assignment in the Legal Department of the Bank’s New York Branch. Assigned to lead M&A in Financial Services Division, where after serving as execution officer, assumed role of M&A player and became No.1 M&A player in the Bank in fiscal years 1990 and 1991.

Admitted to practice law in the State of New York

Engaged in the restructuring and business recovery of the Bank’s Los Angeles Branch in 1992 as VP & Manager. In addition, reorganized certain corporate divisions of Union Bank (the Bank’s subsidiary) and Union Bank’s subsidiary, advised client Japanese companies, successfully accomplished a number of reorganization projects for such clients (on fee basis).

After merger of the Bank with Mitsubishi Bank, dealt with disposition of bad loans for the former Mitsubishi Bank’s non-Japanese US assets. In addition, dealt with troubled clients of Asian financial institutions in the US during the Asian financial crisis. After administrative order against Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi (the “New Bank”) was imposed by FSA in Japan, transferred to Compliance Office in the New Bank’s head office in Tokyo. Introduced de novo compliance system to the New Bank and its domestic and overseas affiliates on a global basis. Dealt with numerous compliance problems, provided guidance, promulgated internal rules, and provided training for the management and employees for both its international and domestic operations.

Practical experience in the Bank of Tokyo / The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd., for more than 20 years.

Joined to Andersen TLBA Tokyo in 2000. Offered various types legal related business advisory services, including regulatory and compliance advice, M&A advice, and restructuring advice. After dissolution of Andersen, transferred to Asahi KPMG Co., Ltd, and then in September 2002 moved to KPMG Business Assurance Co., Ltd as a COO of LRM (Legal Risk Management) Division and also acted as a head of KPMG Legal Japan.

Established MDP Business Advisory Co., Ltd in 2004. As Sarbanes Oxley Act prohibited legal service to be conducted by CPA related firms, KPMG Legal was requested to become independent as a friendly firm of KPMG.

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