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In Which Case Is MDP Most Useful?

We understand that each client has its own staff members (including some specialists), and we are happy to work together with the client’s internal officers and staff members; however,

  • When you need independent specialists for a particular project, we are able to provide appropriate specialists who share the same values as MDP.
  • Such specialists work only for a particular project for a certain period of time as required by the client.
  • Such specialists include CPAs, tax accountants, lawyers, internal auditors, labor specialists, environment specialists, and forensic personnel, in and from various countries. We can organize a dedicated team of specialists and deal with each project as particular circumstances require.
  • Depending on the circumstances of each case, we can also provide bilingual specialists (English & Japanese).
  • We can also function as a business advisory company, which means that we can work as staff members of the client when necessary.

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